All for a Cat

It was an ordinary day at the office. Paper work, lagging PC starting up, printer jamming – the usual.

So there i was, working hard at scanning client’s claim documents before submission, when i heard my colleagues called out in eagerness and anxiety.

“OMG, look there! Its still there! After 3 days, its still there”, J said.

A came along and when she saw it, she exclaimed, “It’s stuck!”.

I considered to ignore their sudden, surprising discovery and get on with my scanning business. But naturally, because curiosity kills the cat, i found myself peering out to see what the commotion was all about.

As it turns out, it was, in fact, a cat. A grown dirty orangey cat, with a stubby tail. Stuck on the 2nd floor ledge, apparently for several days, unable to get off.

A, having a soft spot for animals wasted no time in gathering J and C to rescue the cat – though they hadn’t the slighted clue on how they’d do it.

With a box and some murukus (yes, murukus – not because we thought the cat was indian inclined, but that was the only junk food available in the office) in hand, A, J, and C hurried over to try to save the cat.

Apparently cats eat murukus. Or it was just dire hunger after being stranded for several days. Either way, Option 1 of ‘hopefully cat jumps into the box with murukus’ clearly didn’t work.

Left with no choice, A decided to go up the office on the 2nd floor to see if anything can be done from the windows. Despite an ongoing meeting in that, she managed to alert the manager about the cat and even persuaded him to let her in to assess Option 2.


ALL this happening while i was still in office, still managing the stubborn scanning process.

Then i got a text from C which read, “U come level 2.”

Fully aware of what comes next, I hurried over to the opposite office, bracing myself for some death defying stunt of my life the day.

And as i was making nervous greetings when i entered, the whole meeting room fell silent as if uncomfortable with a stranger in their midst. Felt so awkward.

It wasn’t long before i took off my shoes, carefully climbed leg by leg out the 45°, max 55° slant window pane, and wriggled through a mere 10 inch gap onto the ledge.

I then had to climb down onto another ledge where the cat was, which was about ¾ of my height.

As scary as it was, i collected what guts i had and nimbly climbed down to the urea smelling ledge. The cat has been there for some time.

My sudden appearance apparently shocked the cat, forcing it into fight or flight mode. I sure am glad it didn’t choose fight, as it decided to jump off the ledge onto the 1st floor, after a brief moment of disoriented hesitation.

By itself. (flips white eyes)

Even though i had to climb back in without cat in hand, we are glad to know we “helped” it get of the ledge. The managers in the office even thanked us for having kind hearts as we left. What a kind gesture – we appreciate it!

Have you ever seen a more unimpressed cat?

Moral of the story: sometimes when one is stuck, all one needs is a push. 😉

Team work makes work light.

A for the passion and initiative.

C for covering ground and being camera ready.

J for keen sights, support, and of course, the murukus

I just climbed out a window and scared a pussy cat.



In this life through which you grow
Some people will come and others may go
Although time seems to pass so slow
So much would have changed even before you know

When good times sometimes turn bad
We may ponder on things we wished we had
While we can grief but shouldn’t be continually sad
Remember there’s something for which to always be glad

On a side note, recently there the haze
And suddenly everybody is on a mask craze
Although it’s getting worse, some remain unfazed
Stay indoors and hydrate lest you’d feel dazed

For now comes September, the month which I love
Full of well wishes, getting on the birthday groove
So here I am sitting at Coffee Coffea at The Curve
Forever grateful for God’s grace, peaceful like a dove

September, we’re gonna be awesome!


True power

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you.

True power is sitting back and observing with logic. True power is restraint.

If words can control you means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.

– Warren Buffett

A farewell too soon

Today, i laid you to rest in eternal peace.

Today, i said goodbye to a friend, a personal confidante – my amazing pillar of strength.

Tomorrow will come, but it may never be the same.

4/5/16 – Azry and I @ Dmsara Uptown after ccf

I remember when we first met – through social media. Who would have thought FB and Whatsapp would have connected a once introvert (you) and a known extrovert (obviously, me). Yet, social media did just that.

But i’d like to think it was fate.

You once told me, that you rarely – if ever, meet anyone you’ve come to know through social media, in real life. That’s because you were the hermit who’s shy in person, but can go on texting behind a tiny screen. You were more comfortable with texting as a mode of communication.

Yet, after a few many chats, you finally cooked up the courage to meet me. And yes, even after you knew i am an insurance agent! You were either so bored with life or just plain fearless back then. Dinner was great, but I wouldn’t forget how soft spoken you were at the beginning with the movie ‘Colombiana’ blaring on the projectors at the mamak – i could hardly hear a word you said. I managed to catch that you would drown in all shades of the colour purple; describe your perfect Sunday with a good book and dessert coffee; you absolutely adore ‘dreamcatchers’. And we spoke nothing about insurance 😛

I knew then that we could be really good friends.

8/9/15 – Penang

We kept in touch in the weeks and months after that dinner. As i came to learn through your incessant long texts (not that i’m complaining ^^), you were a budding lawyer working for a local firm in DH, an avid reader (of almost every book-turned-movie of our time: The Hunger Games (!), Divergent, The Maze Runner, Fault in Our Stars, etc), and possessed a epic brain with elephant-like memory. You even became my partner in crime for marathon watching the ever addictive TV series – The Walking Dead, How To Get Away With Murder, Quantico – as we would sometime watch 3 episodes back to back!

You can recall almost every detail in our conversations, in everyday life’s activity; from my birthday to the date of days i’ve had to ask for your help to send me around. You were so meticulous in all you do and never fail to impress me. I am very pleased you remembered our 1 year of friendship with a box of Patchi. And all this within your awkwardly-shy demeanour you which carry ever so fondly, everywhere you go.

Time passed and it was years as we hung out more often, being each others confidante and support through hard times. There was this one time, you got a new job as one of the senior lawyers in an esteemed firm in DH, too. You had SO much to do, you rasa nak pengsan, nak give up. But after a cuppa coffee, a slice of yummy cake, and a lonng heart to heart talk, you rose above the challenge. And soon enough, you were doing things you never thought you could. Never have i seen such a brilliant researcher who could prepare for a case in a short notice and get the job done. And to be a practicing lawyer, to face a judge in court proceedings (mostly in Shah Alam), is by far the biggest achievement of your self — and the proudest moment for me to know how far you’ve come from being the introvert i first met at the mamak.

24/9/15 – Hari Raya with Simon

You have a gift that you seldom realize you have. You are so strong willed yet so kind hearted and full of compassion. How could i forget how your eyes light up in fierce excitement and passion each time you tell me about standing up – for a cause you so proudly champion – women’s rights as well as transgender issues of equality (which you did your research about in university). With much might and tenacity will you debate us over Whatsapp chats and sometimes shoutouts in FB; thus proving many times over, how much these matter mean to you, as an individual. You always believed in the power of the people and how the few, when united as the many, can make a difference. Sometimes i forget, that you’re just in your 20s.

Not forgetting the Hari Rayas when i was over at your house, sharing laughter with your family over your mother’s best made lontong – “got money also can’t buy”, i used to say. You are such a filial son and always so mindful of your elders; yet you always had this uneasy anxiety with babies 🙂 Remember how you were caught in dilemma: whether to cuddle with new born niece when she was sound asleep or quickly pass her back to nenek the moment she cries for milk? Needless to say, you two became thick as thieves as she grew up; too soon until you found her somewhat mischievously annoying, sometimes.

In work and in leisure, whether in company of good ol’ b***hing gossiping buddies or new found friends; be it in choice of ‘outrageously’ colours and patterns in outfits or the uncoordinated of reception to social cues, you’ve always stood out in your own way. 🙂 Though always initially silent, you frequently bring a smile to everyone you meet, either by your sudden burst of laughter or your awkward, and sometimes lame, humour.  Some would even agree, your drama episodes never fail to entertain. And ever since we’ve met, you’ve only grown bolder and more open in embracing yourself, life and society.

Still, you tend to think you are small and flawed in many ways. Sure, you may not be flawless, but you always put on a tough game face (or struggle to sometimes :p), to try out new things. I am humbled by your modesty – you have been an inspiration to me in more ways than one. Whether it is being butt strapped to a harness and swung (mostly against your will) 50+ meters towards a waterfall with Ray; taking on the helms in BERSIH 4 with me and the rest of your firm of lawyers; travelling to HK and the Indo-China countries with friends; raiding a toy story for counterfeit brands in Paradigm with a team of customs officers; or tagging along with my family for CNY visiting last year and got a big angpao collection, i have nothing but pride, love, and pure adoration for you and what you’ve achieved so far in life.

You have coloured the lives of so many – just by being you.

While you didn’t have to conquer Mount Everest; you did so with every mountain within you. You never gave up. No matter how hard it felt. Or how lonely it became. And if you ever felt close to giving up, each time you had steady help and endless nudges from your friends – especially the Whatsapp Group Five, from whom you often drew support and let loose your mind onto. I take comfort to know they were there for you, even when sometimes i wasn’t.

You have made everyone so, very damn proud!

19/11/15 – Krabi

All that aside, we will truly miss you. Your name will always be in our gossips conversations. And we will laugh out loud like how you used to make us laugh. You will be fondly remembered; your memory, cherished. With you suddenly gone like that, i keep thinking that time is a jealous partner in our fated friendship. Yet, underneath all the confusion and denial, my heart believes that God truly loves you more, and has taken you home to be with Him. You have ran this good race of faith; have left footprints and memories of love and friendship in the lives of many, including mine.

I am glad to have known you in this lifetime, my friend.

Even so, goodbyes are never easy, especially with you, my dear Azry.

This is a farewell too soon.



I Really Like You


Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song! *excited*

Ive been her big fansee since her debut Call Me Maybe, and i CANNOT believe i just just found out about her new song. But better late than neverlah! As with that number one hit single that was a catchy tune stuck in your head, her new song will surely get you dancing on your feet!

Nah… I Really Really Really Really Really Really Like You! 🙂

And what makes the video so fun is seeing Ton Hanks actually lip-syncing to the whole song! The Oscar award winner’s appearance also got much praise, so MUST WATCH. 🙂

In the new video for Jepsen’s bubblegum pop charmer “I Really Like You”, Hanks simply goes about his day as the object of the world’s affection, happily high-fiving passersby, waving at cabbies, autographing ping pong paddles, and smiling at strangers. Everyone will really really really like Hanks after they see his emoji game in this video and see why he earned all those right swipes on Tinder. The whole thing culminates in a dance party in the streets with Jepsen and her crew, including, naturally, her friend Justin Bieber. It’s a fun video that will put a spring in your step and get summer songs on the mind, even though it’s still winter. —

Being so caught in the moment, naturally i went looking for more. And i saw this uber cute video! Kudos to the intricate details and effort put into such a pretty video.

Such a relieve for sore eyes, and sometimes even a sore heart. 🙂

#feelinghappee #eargasmic