Being stuck in traffic jams causes problems.

Being stuck in an elevator causes problems.

Being stuck in a faulty relationship causes problems.

Having your crown jewel stuck between the zipper causes… well, you get the idea.

Sometimes being stuck in a situation or condition that repeatedly recurs, which might seem harmless, can cause problems too.

Habits. Behaviours. A way of life – the norm.

And before you know it, a whole lot of time, energy, and effort would have been wasted while being in the state of “stuck-ness”.

Alot of people try to get out of being stuck. Some just hate to be stuck that they constantly keep themselves busy with work – hoping to distract them from being in the state. Others unwind to music. A few resort to shopping therapy.

But sometimes, no matter how much one tries, one still find oneself back at square one, being “stuck”.

How to ah like this? :\


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