I Really Like You


Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song! *excited*

Ive been her big fansee since her debut Call Me Maybe, and i CANNOT believe i just just found out about her new song. But better late than neverlah! As with that number one hit single that was a catchy tune stuck in your head, her new song will surely get you dancing on your feet!

Nah… I Really Really Really Really Really Really Like You! 🙂

And what makes the video so fun is seeing Ton Hanks actually lip-syncing to the whole song! The Oscar award winner’s appearance also got much praise, so MUST WATCH. 🙂

In the new video for Jepsen’s bubblegum pop charmer “I Really Like You”, Hanks simply goes about his day as the object of the world’s affection, happily high-fiving passersby, waving at cabbies, autographing ping pong paddles, and smiling at strangers. Everyone will really really really like Hanks after they see his emoji game in this video and see why he earned all those right swipes on Tinder. The whole thing culminates in a dance party in the streets with Jepsen and her crew, including, naturally, her friend Justin Bieber. It’s a fun video that will put a spring in your step and get summer songs on the mind, even though it’s still winter. — vanityfair.com

Being so caught in the moment, naturally i went looking for more. And i saw this uber cute video! Kudos to the intricate details and effort put into such a pretty video.

Such a relieve for sore eyes, and sometimes even a sore heart. 🙂

#feelinghappee #eargasmic

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