the marcusan


I’m so thrilled that you’re here! is my personal blog where i pen down thoughts of life and moments that make it worth living for. It also helps me express my philosophy in life of what i stand for – in writing and pictures. It means a lot to me to reach out people out there with hopes that my stories and experience sharing will touch and inspire them to grow and inspire others.

an insurance advisor by day and host / wedding planer by night, i am up for hire. : )
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i started blogging in 2003, but have AFK (away from keyboard) for some years. Only recently i re-sparked my passion in blogging, thanks for a few special people in my life. You know who you are. 😉


now, i write to inspire and to remember. Nothing makes me happier than to pen down my thoughts and know that someone somewhere who reads it – is smiling.

i come from a close knit family of three, after my mother entered glory several years ago. A city boy i was – born, bred, and somewhat spoilt in Kuala Lumpur. Owns four wheels to get places. Always a trendsetter, never a trend follower – i have a tendency for standing out from the crowd. Speaks out loud, but always from the heart.

i am special in my own way. You get what i mean, if you feel special, too.

i am a curious creature. I am good, but will always be better.

Thanks for reading! ❥