PinkDot 2014

For Family. For Friends. For Love.

Pink Dot 2013

Last year while i was in Singapore, i got to be a small part of PinkDot 2013 with a lovely friend of mine. She’s such a gem to tag along with me. PinkDot is an event where the LGBT community and their friends and families gather together to celebrate the freedom to love. While i wont’t be part of PinkDot 2014, what i experienced last year was an eye opener. I was moved to see so many people (close to 20000 strong) LGBT and straight people come together from all over the region to celebrate gender equality, bonds of friendship, and a universal freedom to love and be loved.

Kudos to for this year’s PinkDot video:

Last year I was touched to see the families of LGBTs showing up in full force to support their gay family members with unbiassed love and understanding. So i means a lot to me to be able to share my thoughts on this meaningful event. Because being amidst such an amazing crowd, one can’t help to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

If you have never been to the PinkDot, you should – for it is a place where any one can come together and feel safe, without fear of prejudice and truly understand that within each individual, lies a basic need: to love and be loved – freely.

When we set aside our outer differences, we are left with being just human beings.

For Family. For Friends. For Love.