Happy Mother’s Day

To all mothers, and mothers to be, and perhaps grandmothers too…

Thank you for all your sacrifices and goodwill in bringing us into the world. For without you, we wouldn’t be who we are today. THANK YOU.

And for those who have lost and have not had a chance to experience a mother’s warmth, have solace that God is merciful and ever loving, He is here to love and comfort you, in your mother’s absence…

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Mummy and me at FRIM, just before we went on the canopy walk. I could still remember how petrified she was, yet she went on it anyway. =) Taken months before she entered glory.

Here’s to you, Mummy Dearest, though you have gone before us to a better place, you are forever held dear in our hearts and our memories…
 It feels like it was only yesterday when you were still here with us, sharing laughter and joy with the family… ( ;,,,S )

And until that day when we meet again, we miss you loads Mummy! XD

From the 3 M’s
(Michael, Marcus, Michele) and some say Ming

ps. for those of you reading this who still has a surviving mother, do take very good care of her. Don’t waste your chance to be faithful to your mother while you still can. Regret changes nothing.

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