A brand new start!

Hello world!

It’s been a long while since i blogged. I must say my fingers were itching abit alot and itreally does feel good to write a post again.

While i was away from blogging, i wondered what it would be like to resume blogging — and more importantly, HOW to resume blogging after i’ve stopped and left my old blog to die. Literally.

Then i came up with this cool idea that i would set up a new blog, host it and launch it on my birthday! It’ll be like an achievement as well as a birthday present to me. You know, sail the uncharted seas kinda thing.

Finally after countless attempts to select (and decide on) a domain name, a hoster, and a beautiful template, i realized that life isn’t perfect and i can’t afford to wait until every thing was in place just the way I want it before it can be deployed.

So i took the bull by its horn’s, metaphorically speaking, dived into uncertain waters and made it happen. It may not be much or the picture purrfect moment with confetti showering down that i’ve been dreaming of, but it is happen-ing. -ing as in its a continuing process and i have a feeling i will make that picture purrfect moment happen very soon. =D

So, shot and sweet for now; tomorrow working at an Aidilfitri open house near Pavilion. 1st time having to work on my brithday — most people i know who had to work on their birthday seemed extremely crossed and upset.

While there is a stint of loneliness surrounding me this time around, i see it as not a sad, but as a different feeling. And different isn’t always all bad.

I love myself. : )

” It’s best to have failure happen early in life. It wakes up the Pheonix in your so you rise from the ashes.”

Anne Baxter

Evoke the Fire Within


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