Recapping 2010

Hello peeps!

Ooh, it sure feels guud to blog again! I’m back — after an unexpected hiatus! : )

What’s better than to begin by sharing alil something about what’s been happening to me since i’ve gone under the radar, no?

The past year has been somewhat a roller coaster ride for me. It started off with a bang, but sorta ended in a mess. Dang! So here’s briefly recapping 2010:



Imagine: 1st Saturday of Jan, oredy got event to MC at: Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out @ Kidzsports, 1U, Old Wing. And that’s like my second time at it. Damn cool to hang out with kids! I make jokes for them; the parents also can laugh wan..


This month also started with a bang because work brought me to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! And because the MAS flight we were on took a nap for 20 mins in Labuan, I can now proudly say, I HAVE BEEN TO EVERY STATE IN MALAYSIA!



It was a company dinner. Just being there is Sabah was magical! I want to bring you along with me for a vacation there…


The ‘bang-ness’ since the year started doesn’t seem to die off.. well, at least not yet. Many many mega super duper thanks to my ‘Brother From A Different Mother’ aka BFADM — EVo, I got a FREE PASS to go watch Kris Allen LIVE at his Showcase @ The Gardens!




But sometimes not-so-good-things will hit you when you least expect them to, too. In this month, the Chief Pastor of my church entered glory peacefully. They had a grand send off funeral ceremony, at which i was the main photographer. (yes, i think i have developed a flair for taking funeral photos. : / I covered the funeral of another prominent man of God months earlier )

P2105159 copy

During that time, a fellow believer from India decided to visit our church –right in the middle of the funeral. Bro. Sunder Singh is one funny guy — shops like a businessman, eats like a King!


I accompanied him around KL during CNY this year. Abit sad right? LOL


And one of my greatest joy at home, i found; saved a kitten from certain death on the road! Damn long story about here soon; i called her Keiko (finally after several different names). Instant click with the family — but later decided to ‘kahwin lari’, ie. be a runaway bride. ==!


You were in the UK; you didn’t get to meet her — for if you did, i’m sure you’d fall in love with her. ; )


My first stint as a blogger/media @ the Kyokushin Karate Championship / presscon — all thanks to KimberlyCun! Kyukushin in the ‘other’ type of karate which involved bare knuckle combat — for both male and female players! More on that soon, too!


Work also brought me to the lovely Waterchalets @ PD. It’s so WHAO i tell you! The view, the hotel room, the beach.. WHAO! (this is why i love my job! : P)


And i helped my grandaunt aka kopoh (pronounced koh-powh in Hokkien and kuu-pohh in Cantonese. LOL) with prayer rites on Ching Ming, the Chinese version of All Soul’s Day. Almost the same time every year, without fail we will go to her late husband’s grave and clean up. I occasionally donate blood to the mossies. =/



It keeps getting better! Work brought me abroad again, and this time to the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang. This is the awesome-est hotel in Penang, IMHO. And the most expensive-est too, i would say. The food is heavenly lah, for sure. : )


Lovely view, lush surroundings and delicious food — it was superb! And not having to pay? : PRICELESS! Some of the perks of working in events — who can complain? : )

When i got back, i secured an MC stint all by my own, for the Pyramid Power Event @ Hotel Singgahsana, PJ. Never knew this hotel even existed before this event. It was ancient! LOL. Kinda made my mark at this event — made a joke in a matured crowd; they laughed. WHAO. : )



Fortunately for me, i can now safely tell people i have stepped foot on a golf turf at least once in my life. All thanks to work (again), i found myself learning about golfing ethics while madly driving cruising around in a buggy! It was a mini golf tournament @ a golf club in Semenyih, forgot name. : /



“One year how many times wanna go back same place?”, i asked myself when i found out that i’m heading to Penang for event again. But they told me it’s at Golden Sands Resort, next to Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Batu Ferringhi, straightaway i packed my bags. Bestest room ever. *wide grin*

You can never have too much of good news, now, can you? Indeed, there’s no such thing.


With the unbroken streak of joy, my bf Elroy (best friend, boyfriend, body-fender/body guard, what ever you wana call it lah .. for all intends and purposes` ^^ ) graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK with his degree in graphic design. Boy, was i looking forward to welcome home an aspiring GD! So happy for him!

UK grad1



This time round, work was more taxing — so to speak. We had a massive event @ Sunway Lagoon Convention Center where we had the biggest working team on site — ever! And the bestest thing about it was, most of us who stayed at the hotel slept at 5.45am and woke up at 6.15am! Incredible or what?! I’d write more, when i feel like it. : )


I also got new of a Japanese drum performance @ the Dewan DBKL, though i can’t remember from where. It was the Yamato Drum Performance and this troupe is made up of 3 guys and 4 girls drummers — all superbly talented in their own respect! DEFINITELY a single post about this up soon!


Is it a wonder i took this picture? REALLY? Knowing me.

Best hor? : )


July was also the month that managed my 1st wedding in a loong time — Rachel Cheng’s wedding. Yeap, for those who know, she’s Mrs. Cheng’s daughter and when teacher asked me to help for the dinner, i agreed in a heart beat! It was such an honor. KuanMing, my partner in crime, was photog of the night — what he does best! : )


Eight month of 2010 was jam packed for me — all in a good way, of course. Events, events and guess what… more events! : )


I was glad to be back for the 3rd time consecutively to MC at the 30hr Famine DIY Camp @ HELP UC. It’s a call to action initiated by World Vision to help raise fund and awareness of hungry and dying people all over the world. Besides contribution in monetary donations, campers who attended the two-day camp @ HELP UC had fun in all sorts of crazy games and activities — all while they fasted for 30 hours on nothing but mineral water. And so did yours truly, who was working his butt off entertaining the almost 500 strong zombified-famished-and-ravaging hungry and lethargic crowd.


Yes, 30 HOURS. No joke. : )


Bestest kids on the block! Love ’em to bits!


Also in my list of first times (NO, not that kinda first times! wth. haha) was MC-ing for a church concert @ KL Baptist Chruch — the Adore Bash Concert. Juggling a heavenly calling for work and entertaining the crowd within acceptable boundaries — this event was a learning experience for me. (when you read things like these, doesn’t necessarily mean something baad happened okaaay? : P )


Work once again brought me to the beach, this time to Hotel Swiss Garden @ Kuantan. This was my first attempt to drive my bosses car (another perk that comes with my job.. LOL) with my colleague all the way to Kuantan. Fuiih, sedapps i tell you! Get to test drive the car of my dreams! And i actually floored the pedal and reached a max of 130km/hr on the East Coast Highway! *wink wink* (boss, i hope you’re not reading this! )


And in this month, i finally convinced my whole office to come down to the field and get dirty in a ‘friendly’ game of PAINTBALL!! Hidden vendettas were unleashed as we went on a shooting spree on each other @ MAPAAC, Padang Astaka, PJ. More on this soon, too. : )


Got pawned. T__T


And of course, in September — my birthday! Nothing big here.

UK back1UK back2

Another happy things this month: my bf came back from Birmingham, UK. Me, Crason, and Evon dam happy to see him when he walked out from the arrival hall!

UK back3

He actually planned to come back secretly one day earlier to surprise his family! And we all went along with the plan. *dam happy*



Started off with another event: CyberSecurity Malaysia Summit@ KLCC Convec. Damn massive, i had to manage four main track rooms — simultaneously. I think i walk up and down between the halls i think can reach almost 10 km in 2 days i was there! Geng.

yk5 yk1yk2yk4

And lots of hanging out with the bf — that was October for me.



For many years, Dato L. Krishnan, prominent Malaysian film director since P.Ramlee’s time, hosts a Deepavali Celebration for almost 800 under privileged children and old folks @ St. John’s Institution, KL. As Deepavali also coincides with his birthday, i’m pretty sure you can imagine what a big party it was for everyone.


Work also brought me up to Genting this month. I managed a company sales appreciation dinner event @ Genting International Showroom. And we were among the first to watch the Glitz show, which had just begun days earlier! Damn syiok — got dancers, Chinese acrobats, illusionist, and the Youtube renowned sand artist: Daria Pushankina from Ukraine.


And what was ‘supposed’ to be a celebrated night, turned out to be so-so, because i was too busy to prepare. It was Elroy’s birthday. No excuses — i screwed up. Sigh. I will make it the best one this year! *janji*For the second time, i found myself in India for my church’s International Youth Camp, in Chennai. Looong post here, will post it later. : )

yk bday2

Thank you Sui Kar, my primary school mate who is now with Starbucks, she extended gracious invitations to me and many other bloggers to come by and food taste their Christmas line up @ Starbucks, Uptown. Lovely, lovely get together! Thank you!




Got on board, a local brand providing solutions for – as the name suggests – websites. Put in charge of PR & events. Had our first event: Bloggers and Passive Income @ Starbucks, The Gardens. Thank you all for coming!


And my 2nd time on the highest telecoms tower in KL, i emceed for Matthew & Shaio Cern’s wedding @ KL Tower. Damn syiok lor, get to emcee, and make everyone happy! Thanks for the opportunity Matt!


Met my super-duper seniors and retired teachers there too! : )


The last event i had i Dec is the Melawati Prom Night @ Prince Residence Hotel. It was a gentleman’s agreement between my cousin and i, so i honoured it. Was a blessing in disguise when i was able to create a hosting portfolio for myself — all thanks to Amanda How, for getting a video cam and being my unpaid assistant that night! Appreciate it! : )


Doing the “Nobody Dance” — all in a days work.

The rest was Christmas and New Year, which is all history. End of December wasn’t the best time for me — so many things happened at once, and i was crushed. Literally.

And am still recovering. There is a void within me — to be filled with something precious — e.

And i will be waiting. Looking forward to a void-less 2011…

ps. sorry for the mega big pics. i’m still new to Ive set the pics to 60% but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any info on this would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

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