The Potter’s Hands

A Beautiful Song to Share with you…

I was walking along Wangsa Walk today and was looking at the people walking passed me. When I look at their faces, some seemed to have sadness in their eyes, like there was a lack of Hope. Do they know that someone, somewhere out there loves them? Or at least, JESUS Loves them?

It’s so easy to get worried/restless/frustrated these days with the amount of pressures and responsibilities demanded of us at work, family, and life. When things do not go our way the way we want it to, it’s so easy to point fingers out and blame – at others or the circumstances and get bitter…and unhappy…

But do you know, getting bitter and worry is actually a sin to God? God’s desire for us is to have the Joy of the Lord in our hearts and giving thanks continually.

We just have to trust Him, even when things seem out of hand around us. It’s all a walk of Faith with our Savior. We just got to believe that He will make all things beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Here’s a song that spoke so much to me today. The lyrics spoke very simply about surrendering our lives into the Potter’s Hands which is Jesus Christ, who is the Maker and Giver of all things. I Pray that it encourages you too.

Praise the Lord!

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