Daniel – a man after God’s heart

Today is the last youth service of year 2011 and it is a blessing and privilege to have Pastor Andrew share the message to all youths…

The message was taken from the book of Daniel (Daniel 1 verse 8), a man who is famously known as, “the man after God’s Heart”.

8But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.

Daniel ‘purposed’ in his heart…..
He was young then, but no one advised him what to do. He has determined that he will not defile himself before God. He was faithful to God. He had faith in God more than men.
In the same way, pastor also encouraged us to be like Daniel. God is looking for such qualities in our lives. We need to have that determination in our heart to stand for God. Compromising will only loose us the grace of God. When we have to make a decision in our lives, stand for God, then God will stand for us. He will send power from Zion to strengthen us.
The key thing is: Daniel did not make that decision all of a sudden. He made it as a result of walking daily with God.

And the message continues with a verse from Daniel 6:22:
22My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lion’s mouths, that they have not hurt me: foreasmuch as before him innocency was found in me; and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt.
Daniel was ‘Innocent‘ in heart and mind…..
Daniel defended his innocence, his purity. And because of that, the devil ‘like the roaring lion’ was not able to come near him.
In the same way, we all called to have such innocence, purity in our conscience; like a toddler. After the parents beat them, they will still smile, kiss and hug back their parents. They have no grudges, revengeful spirit or bitterness. We are called to be like them. Jesus also asks us to be like little children in order to enter His kingdom. When the devil sees the innocence in our heart, he will not come near us.
Therefore, before we end this year, make the decision to walk with God. Trials will come everywhere, but don’t look at them, look to Jesus. Have a good conscience with God and men. Judge ourselves and be humble. Let our conscience be bold and pure.
The service ended with a very powerful prophecy from God. God was calling back the youths unto Him. He clearly asked us to CHOOSE:
a) Give our heart to Jesus, to have a pure conscience before Him, which leads to eternal life
b) Give our heart to the pleasures of the world, that looks good for a while but in the end leads to destruction.
Jesus wants us to give our heart to Him, to trust Him, and see how He will bless us back.
Let’s pray with a contrite heart and a humble spirit before God to prepare us for the coming new year 2012.
Praise the Lord!

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