shot in the head.

I had a dream last night.

It’s a little sketchy now, but the parts which i remember, i pen down.

finger gun someone


I was in a room. Like and interrogation room. No table, no chairs. Just an empty, windowless room, with four grey walls, and a iron door, which opened inwards.

I wasn’t alone. i remember standing on the back right corner of the room. and on my left, there were three other men, about my age; still and silent. Two were crouching on the floor. I could tell that they were all shivering in fear. So was i.

We donned uniforms of a certain make – which i can’t make out at the moment, but i was pretty sure mine was navy blue. Then we heard a loud commotion outside the door. I couldn’t make out what the racket was all about – i don’t even think they spoke English.

The latch on the iron door clanked. It was unlocked from the outside and swung open. We all fell to our knees – i looked down and covered my ears; as if i had wanted to hide my face from the people who came in.

From where i was, i could see 4 other people came into the room. The other three men were terrified and pleaded for their lives. The sound desperation and fear in their voices shook me even more.

Then there was a silencer gun shot; and one man after another, fell lifeless onto the floor. Shaking in fear as the third man fell, i remember saying in my heart, “Lord, please undertake for my life.”

I was shot in the head.

Then it was all calm. Soundless. I caught a faint glimpse of my lifeless body, crouched and motionless in the room.

Then I woke up.

Whoa, that was creepy, even recollecting to write it down.

I did a search on Google and here’s what they think this sort of dream is about:

Getting shot
I keep dreaming that I’m getting shot in the head with a gun and actually dying. Everything seems so real about it. When I can’t breathe any longer I always wake up. – Karen, 34, Roy UT

There is a new you coming up that wants to take over your life and run the show. So it keeps killing off the old you. You are getting shot in the head as if to say this involves your thinking habits, your opinions, thoughts. Also ask yourself what might be going on in your waking life that makes you feel like dying, or makes you feel “shot dead”. Who or what is “killing” you. The fact that you can’t breathe indicates you feel suffocated by whatever issue this is. Luckily the suffocation, the feeling of being trapped, makes you wake up. That is symbolic of “waking up” or coming to realize something. If this dream keeps recurring, visualize yourself taking the gun from the shooter and asking them who they are and what their message is. Listen with your inner ear and wait to “hear” their answer (it will just sort of pop into your head). Whatever you hear or sense is your wise guidance from this dream.

– Dr. Katia Ramanoff

Pretty fancy, eh?

Til my next dream. ;-p


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