Going to go.

OMG this is so exciting!

Not because that im blogging again; but because im blogging again from my note 2 on the way to Pangkor Laut Resort (PLR).


Now before you imagine me frolicking on the beautiful beach with the sun in my eyes and the sands in my feet – im actually going to manage a wedding.

Yes, a wedding. A mega big one.

Ive recently put on a new cap as a wedding planner, alongside my wealth planner career with Prudential. Since my passion is talking alot hosting, I figured id have a whack at the whole thing than just hosting at weddings.

A great big shout out to a maestro who carries with him 30 years of experience in the bridal business, who, has been nothing but kind to take me under his wings.


Stephen Foong. 🙂

Now, im going to go…. sleep.

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